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Have your inbox (or comments section) been spammed by viagra or similar types of medication? Well, if yours haven't, then mine have! It's a good thing most of the blogs/emails are now equipped with spam boxes or else my inbox would be swamped with senseless emails!

I don't plan to use viagra any time soon (gender thing? lol), but just in case some of use didn't know: some of those medication being sold online could be fake! Yeah, you read that right. I think if you see that the price is way than the one that you see on your local pharmacy, then you have reason to doubt the source.

Some people may balk at the idea of selling viagra, but I think it's good business. It is a touchy topic for some, though, specially if your culture is not that open discussing about such things. But of course, it is best that you sell real ones, and not those fake ones. After all, you also have a responsibility to the people who are going to buy your products! :)

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