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Audio Ads!

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If you were given the opportunity to earn, and you know that you can do it (and that it's perfectly legal, of course!), then it's normal for you to take the offer! I know I would, as long as it won't be in any conflict with other opportunities. :)

Net Audio Ads Pay Per Play advertising is one such opportunity that can help you earn! Like other advertising schemes, you place their audio ads on your site, but unlike the usual advertisements, you don't need to have someone click something on your site just so you get paid! What happens is that everytime someone visits your webpage, and the 5-second audio ads play, you get paid! Isn't that cool? Really a new way of advertising; for me, at least!

Actually, they are not technically new, since they have been running for around 2.5 years now. They now boast of having over 66,000 advertisers, and over 550,000 websites listed! With that much advertisers and websites, they say that their 5-second audio ads have had over 43 million streams each month! Amazing, isn't it? Think of how much you yourself can earn! :)

A friend actually told me about this yesterday. She said that she has just signed up for a new way to increase her blog's earnings. She gave me their website and told me to check them out. I bookmarked the site, and plan to visit them today and do some more "snooping" around.

This sounds like a great way to earn more from our blogs! :)

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