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Vacation Time!

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It's another vacation time again ... and one of my favorites, too! In some places (temperate countries) Christmas is pretty cold, with lots of snow and everything seems so white. I know I'd love to experience that one of these days! But in other parts of the world (specially in tropical areas) it is quite warm with the sun watching every activity that you make! I know that sounds tempting for those who live in snow covered places.

You can visit some resorts where you can get that warmth that you need for this chilly season; but do you know where you can not only get the full sunshine and the warmth, but also the third day absolutely free? Where else but at Amelia Island!

Amelia Island's Lodging Special holiday treat is already ongoing, and it ends on the 29th of February 2008. Imagine yourself lounging on your beach chair, listening to the sound of the waves and getting all droopy-eyed because of the sun's warmth! Of course, your favorite music is playing on the background, too! That sounds like bliss to me!

So what are you waiting for? Try and check them out; and get to experience that warm, sunny Christmas vacation yourself! :)

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