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These days it is quite common to be seeing people who are a bit larger than the people, say, fifty years ago. I guess it's mostly because of our diet, and our lifesyle. The rich food and having all those fancy gadgets easily available for those who have the means is one of the reason, too. Not that I don't like it. In fact, I am loving all the different gadgets that one can see these days! I don't buy them all, of course. My budget is terribly limited. ;P

My sister had this former college classmate who was really not that comfortable shopping in the local malls because of her size, and so she buys her clothes, including those plus size lingerie, through the internet. She eventually managed to lessen her weight, though.

I just hope that I will be more consciouse of my intakes, but I have to admit, sometimes it is hard. For me, anyway. lol.

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