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Choosing Christmas Lights ...

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We still haven't had our christmas lights out, but we will finish all the decorations by this weekend. Out neighbors have got their led christmas lights all set-up, though. It does shine so prettily at night, whenever we pass by their house.

One thing that's keeping us from putting our christmas lights out, though, is because we need more of them. It worked fine at our previous apartment, but since this house have more windows, we though that maybe we need more lights.
I learned that have lots of choices when it comes to christmas light decors, and so I checked them out! I was in for a big surprise: I didn't know there were that many choices! lol ...

I still haven't decided which one to get, since I want this to be a family decision. I am still waiting for hubby and my son to get home. I will be asking them later which one that they like ... and hopefully have things done by this weekend!

I know my sisters will be putting up their Christmas decorations this weekend, too, so hopefully we will both have our decorations up together! This is certainly one ritual that we love doing together with our families; probably one of the reasons why families love this time of the year! :)

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