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Thinking of Blinds ...

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When we were younger, I absolutely had no idea what blinds were! Of course, being kids then, all we really ever cared about were our toys, the different games, and that we won't get caught playing with the dogs after we've had our night baths! lol.

But seriously, these days having a blind is pretty common in different houses that I've been to. The first time I saw one I was really impressed, since when you put a blind on your window, the air can still pass through, but you can also still have privacy. That's what I liked about them.

Now that I have my own house, I have the opportunity to put them in one of our downstairs windows. The first thing that I usually do if I want to buy something, like some blinds, would be to check it out through the internet. So far the ones that I found that I really liked are found over at Terry's Fabrics. Specially their Oak Wood Slat Venetian Blind ... I just loved it! The color reminds me so much of the old wooden "windows" we have over at my parents house. Yes, we have wooden jalousie windows there ... :)

Once hubby and I decide which one we'd love, am so sure we'd get one right away. What about you? Thinking of getting blinds, too? If so, then I suggest you check out and see their wonderful collection before you decide on anything else! :)

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