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Stress-free Moving Day

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Having experienced moving three times from one place to another together with my husband and one child, I must say I don't enjoy moving at all! What I mean is the whole process of moving; trying to find reputable removing companies as well as the best removal quote can be quite daunting. It's great, really , that and it's free move planner is now available online!
Living quite far away from the main city,the first time we had to move was when our son was barely four years old. You can just imagine the huge amount of toys we had to pack! We wanted to give some of them away, but our son didn't like the idea of leaving his toys behind. So, pack them all we did! I couldn't leave some of my potted plants, too, so they were also placed in a protective covering. It seems like the mover wasn't careful, though, since when they arrived in our new home, I noticed some pots were broken. Well, they did have to travel across the sea and then another three hours of land travel. Still, I wish the movers were more careful!

I'm sure that could have done a much better job! The removing companies under them are reliable, good value, and totally brilliant at what they do! What's more, their move planner can help with the list that you will be needing (trust me, you will need a list!), as well as offering Royal Mail forwarding forms for change of address letters, parking permit applications and more!

And the best part? Move Planner is free! So, if you or anybody you know is thinking of moving, spare them (or yourself) the troubles and hassles of moving; check out and enjoy a stress-free moving day! :)

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