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Research Online, Buy Offline

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I'm sure lots of families would love to have a pioneer HDTV in their homes this Christmas. Well, for us who don't have one, anyway. :)

But do you know that there are buyers that do their research online and then proceed to buy not online but in a physical store? I have to admit, I am like that. It's because we like to have an actual feel of the product before committing ourselves to buying it; and have the opportunity to actually compare it with the other products of similar value or design.

What I usually do is I make my research online for the specific products (as well as similar ones), then after making a decision, that's when I decide on what store I'll be buying it from. It's a good thing that does just that for us: helps us choose and identify which store is nearest our place!

Founded in February 2007, provides an accurate local shopping results on the web for those looking for products online and wanting to know where a physical shop may be located for them to buy the product. For buyers like me who want to do my online research but prefer to buy it offline, this site is definitely a big help!

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