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I have always been intrigued about these advertisements regarding online gaming; not only the role-playing games (rpg) but also about online gambling. I used to see these advertisements everywhere, but now I see less of them everytime I surf the internet.

I have a friend who enjoys playing both games, and sometimes I do ask him about his online gaming activities. Lately he hasn't had the chance to go online because his family had to go to the province and visit some relatives, but I do know that he checks on his status every now and then. I do remember that he recommended some sites for me to check, and once I remember what those sites were, I'd go check them out. I do remember that he recommended some poker sites.
Another thing that intrigues me are the Poker Supplies. My friend has told me that he plans on buying some gaming supllies for a room which he wants to convert into a mini game room. So far he has been looking at some poker tables, poker chips, and some poker chip sets. I actually laughed when I heard this, since this just shows his complete dedication to the game!

It's a great thing that is there; my friends can just order online and pretty soon his room will be filled up! Once it's complete, maybe I wouldn't need to go online much if I want to play; I'll just drop by his house! :)

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