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Mother Teresa

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I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor. Do you know your next door neighbor?
Mother Teresa

Honestly, I don't. Well, I know some of them, but my actual next door neighbor ... I have no idea where they came from, or how many lives there!

Sometimes, I must admit, I like it that way. I guess that means that I won't have to be overly concerned about them, or think about them much. It's definitely one less thing to think about each day!

But Mother Teresa is right .. we have to be concerned. For all I know, my next door neighbor might be a terrorist, or something! LOL :D

No, of course not. Just kidding. I do know that the guy works at the City Hall and his live-in partner just stays at home. He's got a kid while she is pregnant. Confusing?

Well, that's city life! ;P

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