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Nowadays people can learn almost about anything on the internet, from tweaking your template's HTML codes to finding an online pharmacy where you can buy Tramadol. Interesting, huh?!

Different people go online for different reasons, too! Take for example my son; he loves playing his online games while connected to the internet. Occasionally, when his classmate is online they do this dueling thing. Nothing that violent, of course. I still get the final say if he can join some online strategy games, or not. After all, he's only eight!

Hubby, on the other hand, does his research when he gets the chance to sit in front of this computer. After he's done, be sure to see all those search engine pages opened! lol.

As for me, aside from posting in my blogs, and checking my emails, I also just recently found out about this digiscrapping thing. Would you believe that the first thing that I bought using paypal are some digiscrapping elements worth US$1?! Yeah, I can be quite stingy sometimes. Besides, I just want to find out if I can really use my paypal. After finding out that I can, I bought additional digiscrapping embellishments. ;P
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Different people, different reasons. But all happy that internet was invented and it's here to stay! :)

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