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Before hubby and I got married, we had no idea how wedding preparations were made; and since wedding organizers were pretty unheard of those days, we asked around. So, I looked for someone who can sew my gown (I designed a pretty simple dress), and we both looked for the hotel where the reception was going to be held. It was relatively easy, except for the wedding favors. We had to travel a bit just to find them!

It's a good thing that nowadays it's so easy to go online and find good quality wedding favors! Try visiting Truly Wedding Favors and you'll see there different choices! Something totally unheard of during my days!

I just like the different choices they have, and you can even choose which themes! Some wedding favors can even be personalized, and I think that's really awesome! Browsing is really easy, too. If I was given a choice, I know I'd choose the camera (left picture); it's practical and the guests can take the shots themselves!

So, are you stumped about where to get your wedding favors? No worries, just visit and see for yourself how easy it is trying to find the "one" wedding favor that you need for your wedding! :)

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