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After being uprooted three times from our previous homes (because of hubby's work), hubby and I decided that we like where we are right now; the place is relatively near his company's plant, and our son's school is quite near our house. Hopefully, if we manage to get a lot around here, we will have our dream house built. Of course, that is a long term plan, and something that really needs a lot of thinking. For now, we have been looking at house plans and there's this site which offers house plans online:!

They have different house plans for whatever type of house that you need, like Log Home Plans, luxury home Plans and Ranch House Plans, among others. What's really great about the site is that it's so easy to browse through, and the plans are categorized for easy searching.

This is definitely the site to visit if you want to have all of the information you need to make your dream house. A very good resource site, you not only get the plans but also any builders near your area. Once your dream house is completed, they also have a household project plans section, for you to check out their do-it-yourself projects for your home.
Since hubby and I still haven't found that lot where we really want to build our dream house (because it's either too expensive, too far, or we just simply don't like the "feel" of the neighborhood, lol), we will continue browsing the internet for other fabulous ideas; and after finding, we will surely bookmark this site for future references!

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