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A Friend and Her Cousin

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My friend, having studied at North Carolina State University during her masteral studies, decided one time to drive to Charlotte to visit a relative. Her relative had been living in one of those Charlotte Apartments for almost a year. Since it had been almost three years since the last time they met, she wasn't sure if she'd still recognize her cousin.

She shouldn't have worried, they recognized each other almost instantly! Her cousin wanted her help finding another apartment near the university since she was thinking of switching jobs. It was a good thing that my friend knew about

Being map-based, you can easily find an apartment in the area where you want, and that includes photos, floor plans, and more. You can search by college (which was really convenient for my friend and her cousin), by military base, or by address. They didn't have a hard time finding for that apartment that they were looking for, and pretty soon her cousin got another apartment of her own.

After that, since her cousin was already living relatively near her apartment, they always have dinner together at least once a week. Living in another country and adjusting to basically everything, they learned to cope and enjoyed their new environment together. :)

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