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Finding A Place of Our Own

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Choosing a house for a family could be quite daunting, specially if you are new to the place. Hubby bought this lovely house and lot at a province where he was assigned a few years back, and it was a good thing he found out that it was for sale. We stayed there for two years, but had to transfer because of hubby's job; he got transferred to a bigger city.

Now that we are in the city, we are swamped with Real Estate agents all over the mall. We are staying in an apartment right now, but we're looking for a place which we can call as our own. Besides, we both think that paying for your own house is much better than paying for something which will never be yours.

Hopefully, one of these days we will get to find that house or place which we can really call our own. It might seem impossible now, but I am positive that one day our dream will come true. :)

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