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Wall Bracket

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Hubby and I have always wanted to get ourselves a plasma, or lcd, television. That's why we are trying to save some money so that we can have one placed in our living room. I know that our son would want to watch tv, too, so the idea of putting it in someone's bedroom is out of the question. lol.

I have seen commercials of the televisions being placed on walls, and I have always been intrigued how they can be kept there securely! Found out that they use a plasma wall bracket, and that they are really made for those type of televisions. Interesting!
I just recently found out that is the leading maker of those plasma and lcd screen wall-mount brackets (and accessories); and it's great that their products are backed with an 18-month guarantee! Now I know what wall bracket brand to choose once we get to buy the plasma television.

Hopefully, we will have the television by Christmas. :)

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