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London Pass
A friend have always wanted to visit London, and she told me that she just might be able to visit a family friend living there next year! That really is good news and I'm so happy for her! I'm so sure she will have a grand time sightseeing!

London Sightseeing, as stated in, can now be more affordable; just avail of the London Pass. It is kind of like a credit card which allows cash free entry to 56 London tourist attractions and around London. The more sights you see, the more you save! All you have to do is just hand over the attendant your card at any London Pass attraction site and then they will just swipe it! No fuss, no hassles! Customers with the London Pass won't have to suffer the long queues normally seen on the busiest attractions, too! Isn't that just neat!

I'm so sure my friend will be happy when I mention this to her ... or maybe she's already ahead of me on this one! :)

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