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Travel Insurance Available for 65 and Up

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Everybody loves a good vacation! The place might differ for each individual, since those who live in the tropics might want to take a vacation somewhere where there is snow and the air is much cooler, while those who live in temperate countries might want to go somewhere warm, with the inviting sea before them.

However, traveling could prove to be a hazard to someone who is considered to be a senior citizen, specially those who are about 65 years old and above. Good thing there is where they can get medical travel insurance before going on their much awaited vacation trip. offers over 65 travel insurance policies, till 79 year old seniors, on single trip travel insurance policies. For annual multi-trip travel policies, seniors till the age of 69 can be covered. If you are interested, you can try their online quote form, or if you want to talk with a representative, just dial 0800 917 7829. Check them out, so that your loved one can go with you on your planned vacation trip, too!

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