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We don't want our friends or family members to be addicted, that's why it is important that communication between and among family and friends are always kept open. I used to have a classmate once who was drinking different alcoholic beverages every day; it started well enough as a dare from some friends (guess they weren't really "friends" after all, huh?!), and unfortunately, he took the bait. He was really never the same person since then.

I know his family (or friends) should have had the sense to persuade him to visit an
alcoholism treatment center, but I heard that he finally agreed only when he started passing out after every alcohol binge. What a pity, really.

It is wonderful that there are now sites which cater not only for alcoholics, but also a center drug rehab treatment. You can find both treatment programs at, which is located just steps away from the ocean in Newport Beach, California. Their price is cheaper, reasonable, and definitely affordable, compared to other centers with similar treatment programs.

So, do you know anybody who might be needing help? Don't hesitate to lend a helping hand; you might be able to have saved that person's life! You can call the center, too! Below is their contact number:

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