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My husband's cousin just got married a month ago, and when we came for a visit, I noticed that their new house still wasn't done. For one, their Taps and bathroom accessories were still missing. They gave us a short tour to their still-unfinished house, which was located a few blocks away from their parent's house. They were so excited while they showed us the place, and I can't help but be excited for them, too!

I told them about this site which I recently just found out,, where they can order different bathroom accessories online, including showers, bath tubs, bathroom furniture, and even bathroom enclosures and bathroom cabinets! But they are not only all about bathroom accessories, their taps are really worth mentioning, too. I really liked the glass waterfall basin mixer tap with free pop-up waste, so unusual, but also very stylish. I bet it works like a charm, too! They were pretty excited when they saw the site through my hubby's computer, and I think that they made an inquiry right away.

What about you, need your taps replaced? Or need something for your bathroom? Then go ahead, visit and see what other interesting (and state-of-the-art, too!) products they have being offered at their site! Or you can call them on the numbers below:

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