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Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

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Are you the type of person who loves going on rides, eating popcorn, hotdogs, cotton candies, and just having a good time while doing all those? Then I'm sure you love going to Theme Parks!

You shouldn't miss going to Pleasure Beach, Blackpool (UK), with over 125 rides to thrill you! Try their Pepsi Max Big One (picture above), and if you're not dizzy yet, try their newest ride to date, the Infusion. With five incredible loops and rolls, wicked double line twist, and great water effects (be prepared to somehow get wet), you'd get yourself one rip-roaring ride!

If you want to really maximize your trip, try their wristband offers, where you can have the privilege to ride again and again! Cool, huh?!

So visit their site and see for yourself the other rides that they have to offer! Admission is free! :)

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