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I have an online friend who told me one time that he likes playing online game so much, and that inludes online poker. He makes it a point to play every once in a while, when he gets the chance and the time to sit in front of his computer for hours. I have often asked him if this doesn't affect his social life, but he said that usually he only plays online when it's almost midnight here, and therefore time for sleeping. During mornings I'm sure he is busy with work.

I have asked him about online poker a couple of times because I think it is an interesting game. That doesn't mean I would be joining the gaming community soon, since I believe that it is much better if I acquaint myself with the game first before taking that big step.

It's a good thing there's this site: where I can have my fill of information regarding the game, as well as a list of the top five online poker rooms. They also offer a comprehensive guide to the rules and tips of Texas Hold'Em Poker and Seven Card Stud. These games definitely sound new to me! Player etiquette, poker glossary, and tournament tips can also be found at their site.

That's really one great site to go if you want to know more about poker, or if you want to visit other online poker rooms. Definitely a site that I would recommend to other newbies out there, like me! :)

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