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The Nazareth Cross

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Nazareth history is famous since it is here that Jesus is said to have spent most of his life and where he started his public teachings. Nazareth, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem are just some of the places where Jesus usually frequents, so these areas are also frequently visited by tourists.

Nazareth aims to build the world's largest cross, and has dubbed it the Nazareth Cross Project. This will serve as a gateway to Nazareth Village, an archeologic park which recreates how the people,during Jesus' time, lived their daily lives.

This is certainly a huge task and quite expensive; we can help by purchasing a right for personal engravings made on individual glass tiles. The prices depends on where you want to have your name (or a loved one) engraved. Personally, I think this would be a wonderful gift for a loved one. :)

If you can help (or just interested), then do check out their site!

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