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I've got an eight-year old son who is so much into his games that he has to have computer time each day. The set-up is fine with me, as long as he does his school assignments and projects first before playing. What's really great about it is that I can relate to him and his games since I myself love playing computer games, too! Sometimes whenever I see a new game while browsing I always bookmark the page; so when my son returns from school, finishes his homeworks, and then starts with his computer time, I tell him about this awesome game that I found. Sometimes when we play with the new game we love it, and at other times it's just like so-so for us. I've found this new game a while ago and it got me interested, so I decided to try it out for myself.

I started looking around for some Storked Game Reviews at the site, and it was great because I was able to find some information about the game. Basically Storked is a puzzle game where you protect an egg (by rolling it to safety), and you get to control four penguins. These penguins have different abilities which will be used to solve the puzzles and get the egg to over a hundred wacky levels! Sounds interesting, huh?! What's more fun is when you upgrade and buy the full game: you'll get the extreme customization option! What that basically means is that you will be able to change the background pictures, weather, music, and the control while in a gameplay; creating levels and puzzles using their level editor is possible now, too! That's really so neat!

I will definitely be telling my son about this game when he arrives from school later. After he does his homeworks, of coure! What about you? Are you interested, too? Then head on over to their site and check them out yourself! You'll enjoy the free demo game, like I did! :)

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