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Choose Your Hawaii Beach House

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My friend who left just a couple of months ago (together with her sons) for the USA to finish her doctorate studies told me one time that she has always dreamed of visiting Hawaii. She wasn't that determined before, since her sons wasn't with her; but now that they're together, she is actually planning for them to go have a vacation, and rent a Hawaii beach house!

She said that after reading a Hawaii Travel Blog online, she liked what she read, so she searched some more. That's how she found this Kauai Travel Info site that helped made her decide to go ahead and to plan their vacation. She liked the shots that were shown on the sites, including the reviews that were made by those who actually experienced staying there.

Being new to everything, since her sons just arrived a month before school started, she thought that she owes her son something that will ease their homesickness. As well as help her relax, too! Taking care of two kids all alone can be hard, specially if, like her, she is studying, too.

I really admire her for the strength to go on each day, and that's why I believe that they all deserve to go to the beach and get to choose which beach house they wanted! :)

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