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Air Ambulance Is A Must!

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My mom one time was so sick that we had to bring her to the hospital. While at the hospital, her condition didn't improve; sometimes it got a bit worse, then would slightly go back to where she was, when she arrived at the hospital. Her condition was fluctuating, and getting critical. So the doctors decided to bring her to another hospital for further check-ups. We didn't really approve of the move; what we didn't like was that the other hospital was one and a half hour ride away!

We all thought of letting her ride a plane and just have her moved to another hospital in a bigger city, but it just wasn't possible; she was too weak. We were really so concerned that we were on the verge of panicking. If only air ambulance emergency is available here in our country!

Good thing after additional check-ups the doctors seemed to be doing something right, since she slowly recovered from what it was that really hit her. I guess the fact that my Aunts were with her when she was sick helped a lot, too. They are a pretty close bunch, specially now that they all are retired and have the luxury of meeting and chatting whenever they feel like giving each other updates.

Still, having something like an air ambulance would really be an advantage. is one such site that does just that: they transport patients on board a plane, complete with state of the art medical equipments, together with flight nurses and paramedics. Having a staff with over 20 years of experience, and known by most hospitals worldwide, they are available 24 hours a day. If you need, them, just dial the number below:

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