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Women's Hair Loss Project

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Do you know that there is a site called Women's Hair Loss Project? If you think that only male get affected with hair loss, well, think again! It's generally perceived as a gender related affliction, but somehow females are also affected. I'm not saying that male should only be the ones affected, of course; but if you're a woman with long hair and you get to experience extreme hair loss, then it would definitely come as a shock seeing more than the usual strands of hair left on your brush.

Womens Hair Loss as being blogged about by a twenty-something year-old woman is really an informative read and you can see how she's dealing with it through her blog. For someone who has experienced hair loss for eight years and still surviving, it is really something to be proud about! She has also blogged about other women who experience the same thing and has survived. Her blog is a great magnet for women with the same affliction who wants to get it out in the open, but isn't ready to face the whole world yet.

Personally, it's wonderful that a site like this is available for us women. Experiencing hair loss could be depressing and having a site that understands your condition is really great. This site is definitely a site worthy of recognition!

1 shared thoughts:

Chuck Lucas at: Tue Jun 03, 03:29:00 AM GMT+8 said...

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