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Trip to the Cybershop

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Our current pc (personal computer) is now almost five years old, and it has had it's share of crashes and upgrades. Hubby's already on to his second laptop but our trusted pc's still around. Nope, our computer isn't slow; in fact, when we bought this almost five years ago, it had the top of the line hardware components that we could find that time. We didn't want to change to a new one the next year, or the year after that. So we didn't. Quite convenient, actually. Most of the upgrading we have been doing are the softwares only. Economical, too!

My sister's trying to find a pc of her own, so I mentioned these great pc deals over at Dell. Their computers are reasonably priced and quality's really good. I adviced her to get the one with the latest hardware components that she can afford so that she need not upgrade a year (or two) from now. She agrees with the idea, so tomorrow we will be off to our local cybershop and see which models are available. Buying online is possible, too. Just call 08703 533 424; so easy! But I just love visiting our favorite cybershops ... I hope I can restrain myself and not get hooked on anything! :D

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