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Printers from Dell™

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Our printer conked out on us a few weeks ago, and now it has gone moody on us; sometimes it works and sometimes it chooses not to print! Ok, the software (or the hardware itself) might be at fault here, but we simply don't have the patience to fix it anymore. We've had it for around 5 years now, and it was working fine till just recently. Maybe it has already passed it's time. So time to buy a new one!

Since hubby's laptop is a Dell (company issue), he suggested we try the Dell Colour Printer; they have lots of printer models to offer, from inkjet, laser printers and all-in-one. Then I told him why not get the Dell 926 all-in-one wireless solution instead. It might cost more, but I certainly like the idea of a printer being wireless! He agreed, so tomorrow we'll be going to our favorite cybershop and ask the owners what Dell printers are in stock. I really hope they have the one that we're looking for ... and that we can afford it! :)

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