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Pier and Ships

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Living in a country composed of more than 7,000 islands, you can be sure that the boat is a usual means of transportation around here. I remember when I was younger that we used to go to the pier, together with my Papa and brothers and sisters, and watch the big boats (they did look real big to me, back then) being docked. I still remember the sea air, and the people, who worked there, carrying heavy loads. It was a peaceful sight. The pier does get busy at times, specially when a boat arrives, or leaves.

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As for me, together with my Papa and siblings, we are content just looking at the ships docked on the pier and watch the activities going on. It feels great knowing that till now the pier is still there, though some ships might have changed and there is more traffic now. But that's life. It is ever changing, they say. :)

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