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Ever since I've started with problogging, I have been more computer "addict" than before. That doesn't mean I am glued to the computer the whole day, though. That would have been nice, but not possible ... I need to do the household chores around here, too! hahaha. The computer is turned on the whole day, though, and I just take a peek at it every now and then to see if anything new has been happening.

Lately, though, I have been thinking of getting myself one of these Dell notebooks, so that when we go out of town on weekends I'd have access to the internet, too! Yeah, I guess I am internet hungry most of the time. I like doing photoshop with my pictures, too, so if no internet is available, I dabble with my shots.

This is a shot of Dell's XPS M1710 model; it's a road-worthy model since it utilizes' Dell’s RoadReadyTM technology (shock absorber that protects the hard drive). I'm thinking of researching more about this model, but since Dell has lots of notebooks available both for the home and office, my decision might switch to another model.

What about you? Thinking of getting a new computer with good quality, but don't want to spend too much? Then check out the models being offered at Dell! Am sure you'll find one that you'll like. :)

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