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Are you like me who has this habit of browsing through the internet looking for other blogs to read? I recently found out about Karl's blog, a blog written by writer and entrepreneur, Karl Moore.

Karl's blog is a place where he posts inspirational messages and trust me, they are worth the time and the read. I really liked his September 18th post, "They're Just Words", wherein he tells about this book that he read a year ago, by lawyer Gerry Spence. The words that really got me at that post was this: "Arguing with someone close to you isn't about winning. It's about restoring that emotional balance." How so true!

He also posts "Random Acts of Kindness" on Mondays and on Fridays he posts "Friday Factoid". If you want to look for some interesting reads on the internet, do visit his blog. I tell you, it is worth the visit! :)

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