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My parent's house has been around for around 40 years now (more or less same age as my older sisters), and has undergone some major home improvements. For one, the wood in one section of the house has been eaten away by termites; it doesn't help that there was a time when all of us (my brothers, sisters, and I) were away on college and only my parents were left alone in the house together with a helper. The termites had the time then to spread unchecked since my parents didn't make it a habit to check on all of the rooms. They spent a lot of money to repair the damages that time.

Anglian home improvements have been around since 1966 and has begun making quality windows for 35 years now. Since winter is coming, it is important that the windows and doors be checked. To ensure that heat stays inside the house longer, double glazing is performed. This creates an air space between the two panes of glass in the window for better insulation. It is important that the quality of the job be excellent, to prevent accidents or unwarranted breakages. You can trust Anglian to do the job well! In fact, they even have a 10-year guarantee for every job that they finish. For a free quotation, call them at 0800 500 600.

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