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I have always wondered about those card games, my classmates used to play after studying (yes, we really do study before playing, lol). I would watch along the sides and just observe them; they'd ask me to play along, but I absolutely had no idea how they played! Guess it's obvious my parents weren't card game enthusiasts. But we do have cards at home, with unusual drawings. They were colorful and the clubs then looked like these giant vines (colored green, mostly) with bumps on side. Quite unusual, that's why the illustrations on our game cards at home stuck to my mind. Imagine my dismay when I had a first glimpse of the "usual" cards! But that didn't stop me from learning some games, of course.

Poker Chips are something I didn't get to know much about, though. Much less know where they can be obtained. But I found a site where they can be bought online, and delivered the next day, over at If you're a poker fan, I suggest you check them out and see their array of products, like their best seller dining/poker table combinations. That's really a great idea about combining them; really practical. No wonder it's one of their best sellers. They also offer other gaming supplies like poker buttons, tournament timers, drop boxes, and playing cards. Really a site to visit if you're a poker fan, and intend to own what's needed to play the game.

So, are you a poker fan? :)

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