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It's almost 5pm right now, and i'm still here in front of the computer! well, usually that's where you'll find me ... lol. I just love surfing the internet and learning new things. Right now I am getting interested with scrapbooking; the digital type. I never knew that what I really liked doing was digiscrapping. Nope, I still haven't made anything for digiscrapping, unless the masking tape and "papers" are one of them. lol.

Still learning, and loving it! :)

2 shared thoughts:

Gloria at: Tue Sep 18, 07:39:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I wonder how does one digiscrap? I've heard about it, thought about it but I still feel I like scrapping what I can touch.

(Translation: I suck in digital imaging).

I'd be interested to learn more about your adventure. I'm thinking digital scrapping is scrapbooking digitally then have it printed out. Which is essentially still almost manual scrapbooking anyway!

Hummie at: Tue Oct 02, 12:51:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Let me know when you get a first layout done! I have resources on my site.

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