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Credit Cards

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I normally don't use my credit card every time we go shopping, so that's why I feel so uncomfortable using it. I really do prefer cash; and that's where hubby and I differ. He like using cash while buying things, too, but when the amount is a bit high, he prefers using the card. I guess that makes sense.

The credit cards over at The Cooperative Bank in UK have an 11.9% APR (annual percentage rate) for their clear credit as well as their flat rate platinum card. The difference between the two is that the clear credit cards will be giving you up to 59 days interest free credit if balance is paid in full by the due date, while the flat rate platinum card will give you up to 46 days interest free credit if balance is also paid in full by the due date. An interesting bonus to the cards is that every time a client uses £100 (through his clear credit card), the amount of 1.25p will be given/donated to charity. That's really wonderful!

Please take note, though, that details are accurate at date of publishing. So to be sure, check out their site and see for yourself what treats are available for you! :)

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