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Binoculars for Bro

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My father, when I was younger, bought a pair of zoom binoculars since he wanted to view all the sides of his rice fields even if he was just parked on the road. To get to the end of one side, you had to pass through the man-made dirt road (really just around a foot wide, or less), and it could get muddy by the time you reach the other side. Going from one side to the other takes time, and when you're in a hurry (my dad also worked in a bank, so sometimes he can't stay long on the farm), it just isn't possible. He loved bringing that binocular everytime we visit the farm, that now a brother has taken to the habit, too!

I'm so sure that my dad and brother (who also works at a bank, *surprise*surprise*, and who still visits the farm and helps out when he can) would love this site that specializes on scopes, They offer leupold binoculars, digital binoculars with camera, night vision goggles, binoculars and scopes, and big long range observation binoculars, among other products. Their site is really interesting since you will find there binocular reviews as well as articles on "How to Buy Binoculars". Check them out if you want more information about a binocular you might be thinking of buying, or if you need a pair of sunglasses. Yes, they have those, too! Since my brother's birthday is coming up, I will check them out further. Want to come with me? :)

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