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Under Bed Storage Set

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Do you like storage beds (I absolutely love them!)? What would you do if a gorgeous under bed storage (specifically a queen storage bed) set is on a 50% off sale (limited time only!) at your favorite online furniture store (they also offer beautiful counter stools, too!)? I would seriously consider buying it, if the budget permits! Below is the queen storage bed set I am talking about ...

Well, isn't it gorgeous? I just love the fact that it has lots and lots of storage space for all my collection of bits and pieces (yes, I do collect a lot of things, but I am slowly trying to categorize them now, and that under bed storage looks like it could help me lots with my plan!). Some of the stuffs I intend to give away to family, too, like some of the books in my book collection (mostly science fiction and fantasy), as well as computer odds and ends (cd softwares and some hardwares which I never got to use). Weird, huh? Or is it? Oh yeah, I plan to give my first digital camera (canon powershot S1 IS) to my sister, too! Not that it will help unclutter my space in a huge way, but at least that's one clutter I'm glad my sister will be happy to recieve!

So back to that 50% off on the queen storage bed set ... let's hurry and check them out! That coveted 50% off is for a limited time only! No worries, since they offer free shipping! Or if you want, we can always call toll free 877-232-0783 for a prompt and friendly service. :)

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