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Do you love blogging? Do you think that you can get paid to blog? Did you know that with blog advertising both the blogger and the advertisers make money? Yes, yes, and yes!

With Smorty, you will get paid just by doing one of the things you love to do while online ... blogging. Yup, you get paid to blog! Isn't that neat?

Initially I had no idea how advertisers advertise on blogs, and how the blogger gets paid. It was then that I found out about Smorty. Smorty acts as a bridge between the bloggers and the advertisers. The advertisers will get valuable links and exposure for their products (or sites), while the blogger gets well compensated for what he/she does for the advertiser; and that is to give a just review of the advertiser's product(s). I believe both benefits from such a relationship. Joining Smorty is easy, too! Bloggers can even post in multiple blogs to maximize their earnings.

So if you're interested about getting paid while blogging, don't hesitate: head on over to and give it a try. Chances are, your blog will get accepted right away! If in doubt, you can always refer to their FAQ page. Still, no harm in trying, is there? :)

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