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No classes, after all

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Today we (actually, I) got up relatively late ... 6:01am! Actually, i had my mobile's alarm clock on at 5:15am (and it did wake me up) but i remember i turned it off. LOL.

Anyway, after getting ready, (we finished preparing for school in record time!), we waited for the school bus .... and waited ... and waited. Finally we changed the tv's channel to the local news ... and found out there is going to be no classes today! LOL

Oh well ... at least we started the day early. :)

ps. No classes because of the typhoon.

1 shared thoughts:

lady cess at: Fri Aug 17, 10:38:00 AM GMT+8 said...

sa totoo lang, naiinis na rin akong ganitong nasu-suspend ang klase, kasi may makeup classes naman sa sept. kaso, wala tayong magagawa it's the weather :)

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