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Choco Trivia

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interesting trivia about :

White chocolate 3ounce bar or 1 cup chips
Caffeine 0.0 mg
Theobromine 0.0 mg
Baking chocolate, unsweetened 1 ounce
Caffeine 57.120 mg
Theobromine 346.360 mg
Semisweet chocolate 1 ounce (chocolate chips)
Caffeine 17.577 mg
Theobromine 137.781mg
Milk Chocolate 1.55 ounce bar
Caffeine 11.440 mg
Theobromine 74.360 mg
Cocoa mix 1 envelope/3 heaping tsp
Caffeine 5.040 mg
Theobromine 169.680 mg
Cocoa powder, unsweetened 1 tbsp
Caffeine 12.420 mg
Theobromine 111.078 mg


Wow ... white choco has absolutely NO caffeine?

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