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Both a Uniform and a Pajama

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Do you know that some uniforms can also be turned into kids pajamas? Yup, you read that right! I remember when my son was just four and we bought him a batman costume. He loved it so much that whenever he has the chance, he'd request that he sleep with his batman costume on. The costume wasn't really meant to be used as a pajama, but since it was comfortable enough to be used as one, we thought it was fine for our son to sleep wearing it. He absolutely loved it! I am sure he had lots of happy dreams wearing the costume/pajama.

The same thing goes for the NFL uniform sets for kids, too. These comfortable uniforms are made of a soft double knit polyester jersey along with double knit polyester pants with elastic waistband and cuffs. The kids will have lots of jolly time wearing their favorite NFL teams, as well as expand their imagination playing pretend. The NFL kids helmet and uniform set offered by comes in two sizes (small and medium) for kids aged 4 till 10 years old. Uniforms for teams like the San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, and Chicago Bears are available; but that's not all. The list is long! I am sure every kid's favorite team is there. To complete the set, you can order shoulder pads, too! It isn't meant to be used for any contact sports, though. It's just part of the costume.

So you want to surprise your kids? Order online at and be assured that you're buying their uniform from the best!

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