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Treating our environment right is one of our responsibilities, wherever in the world we are. If we do things right today, we will have passed on to the next generations the importance of our living environment, and the how and why we must take care of it in every possible - but safe and healthy for all - way.

There has been some controversy regarding the state's permission for "BP to release “significantly more” ammonia and sludge into Lake Michigan from its refinery in Whiting." That statement alone could cause environmentalists to protest, but as continued in this Editorial article from, BP and Lake Michigan, there is more to that story. The editors have written down some fair and factual news regarding the situation.

An article from, BP gets break on dumping in lake, however, doesn't sound too good. But that doesn't really cover all of the story. The article made by seems to have covered more grounds about the topic. Cheaper fuel, no harm to the people or the environment, more jobs to be generated, and continuous improvement are some of the issues to be considered also.

Here's a link to the BP Refinary Factsheet, and what and where they stand regarding environmental issues:
To learn more about the company:

Technological advancements and environmental issues almost always are together; sometimes we do need to evaluate what will happen in the long run. Reaching an educated decision means we have to be fair and see both sides of the story, and from there see which would be more beneficial, not only to us humans, but also to the living environment.

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