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Hockey's Future

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Interested about hockey?

I'm not much of a hockey person, but that doesn't mean I don't want to know anything about it! On the contrary; sometimes not knowing about something makes me want to know more about it. Funny, huh?!

There's this site,, an nhl draft and hockey prospect magazine online, where you can get your hockey fix in a snap! It has loads of information about the different teams and their recent going-ons, and it also has a forum site where you can discuss hockey matters with other members.

Browsing through the site is easy, and it's really quite informative. That's what I really liked about this site. Hockey information in every click!

Every Thursday they go LIVE via their HF Radio where you get to listen every 9-10PM EST. A new season of HF Radio will begin pretty soon, on August 2nd at 9 PM EST.

Let's watch out for that! :)

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