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Donate My Car

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I think it's selfish not sharing what you have in abundance. Be it clothes (some of us tend to shop for clothes at a whim ... just use it twice - or thrice - then completely forget all about it), toys (for those with young kids, this could be a dilemna), food (yes, some people have more than others; actully, I think more than they really need), money (for some there is such a thing; that's what charities are for, I believe), and cars (some of those who don't use their cars anymore, but just stacked them in their garage). I could probably list some more, but I believe you get the general idea. :)

Car donations isn't really popular where I'm at, but I think it's a wonderful idea! There's this organization where they have a program called Donate My Car. It's great since they help at risk youths and the homeless get back their lives in order. With a car donation, they can also send uplifting and spiritual books to prisons, as well as make dvds for children. That might not sound much to some, but what matters is that someone is doing something about it.

Touching lives and making them feel alive and worthy again is actually more than payment enough for what a car donation can do. I believe this is a worthy cause, and at the same time help us with the clutter we have around our homes. Don't you think so? :)

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Jill at: Mon Mar 02, 09:25:00 PM GMT+8 said...

It's good to donate things you own and treasured especially to charitable institutions. As long as you don't need them anymore then give it to others who could still use them. But donating a car? I don't think everyone can afford that and not everybody has his own car. But if you have lots of cars then why not, go ahead.

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