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Celebrity Gossip ... Is It True?

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Is it true? Have you heard about ....

I must admit, I was curious about what's going on with some of the celebrities' lives, so before writing this post, I had to check them out. Wow, I seemed to be missing a lot! Didn't know I was already spending a good half hour just reading and browsing through! :)

Yes, if you're interested about what's the buzz regarding your favorite celebrity, hop on over to celebrity gossip and check them out! What's different about this site is that they aggregate all the gossip, rumors, and dirt (yes, you read that right ... dirt!) regarding our fave celebrities, and you can vote on the news item ... and even leave comments! Now that's real neat! Being able to "interact" with each news about our favorite celebs!

So to get your celebrity gossip fix, head on over to their site and check them out!

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