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Belisi Fashions

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Some of us (me, usually) need advices every once in a while when it comes to getting all dressed up. Sometimes we're just not so sure if this silk scarf can go with that handbag. Or what type of personal coloring season we belong; what organic beauty products are available ... or which fashion accessories can go with just about anything.

Peter Belisi, the founder and creater of Belisi, has such elegantly designed fashion accessories, it's really worth the look (or clicks). Not only that, he also has Belisi Radio where his compilation of music is all about sophistication, classics, and beauty. Quite an interesting list!

The Designer Handbags Collection from Belisi will be available soon. To be updated and to receive their product reviews from their luxury handbags line, head on over to their contact page and sign up. It's absolutely free!

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