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Bar Stools and Online Dining Sets

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A friend of mine plans to redo her house abroad, since her two sons will be joining her, while she's taking her doctorate. She has been planning to bring the two boys with her, since she wants her sons to experience growing up with her around. I think that's a splendid idea! It might cost her more, but her sons will always be with her; a small price to pay, in my opinion. :)

Anyway, i told her about this online dining sets located over at She was skeptical at first when I told her about it and how I came to know about the site. She mentioned that she wanted to redo her kitchen first, and when I mentioned that they have this fantastic selection of bar stools, swivel bar stool, and wrought iron bar stool, she was ecstatic, because she plans to have a bar, too, if her budget permits. I told her it's a good thing, they deliver for free!

When my friend tried browsing through the site, she said that she really liked the furnitures being featured, and kept telling me about this country wood dining room dinette set. She thinks it's so cute and different. She absolutely loves the smooth finish and the color. She also mentioned a beautiful country style counter height set, and I have to admit, I also liked that one. So much to choose from!

The next items that she had a hard time choosing were the bar stools and tall chairs. They were all exquisitely designed that she said she wasn't sure which one that she wanted. However, she wanted one that would compliment her other pieces. She was really glad that the website was user-friendly and the lay-out wonderful. She particularly enjoyed browsing and looking for the one that she really wanted, since it was all being categorized in an orderly fashion.

For now, she and her family are still here, but they plan to travel before classes starts. She wants her kids to be prepared when they go and live in another country. Her kids have to deal with going to a new shool, having new classmates, and living in another country with a different culture. That's why she wants their new house not to be too different from their house here ... and some of the furnitures being featured at definitely looks similar to some of her treasured furnitures. What a wonderful find! :)

1 shared thoughts:

art wood at: Sat Feb 07, 06:37:00 AM GMT+8 said...

I always enjoy finding things in remote places that fit my style exactly. :)

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