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Alive Directory - family friendly resource directory

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Don't we all just love to submit our blogs to resource directories just so we might have additional visitors? New links can do wonders to one's blog ranking, as well as submissions to search sites. The easier your site can be found amongst all those data, the higher your rating.

Well, I found this site, Alive Web Directory, a complete family friendly internet resource directory, where you can submit your link without the fear of getting spam mails. Their site is well organized and browsing is easy. There are no extra frills to clutter the site, and everything is presented in a well-thought of lay-out.

However, it isn't free. You have to pay a minimum of $34.95 per year for regular listing; while the highest you pay for permanent featured pricing (with 5 additional links), is at $299.95. These might look and sound stiff at the moment, but for those businesses out there who are just starting and want their websites easily searched by the search engines, submitting links to sites like these could be beneficial. Think of all the possible links you might get, including the valuable exposure your site might be enjoying.

So for those who are thinking of submitting their sites to a friendly internet resource directory, do check out Alive Web Directory. A number of sites are already listed there, and I'm sure they're already reaping the benefits that they're getting just by submitting their links to be listed at that site.

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