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Cheap Phone Cards!

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Yes, that's true!

Most of us have relatives or friends living abroad (or just really far far away), and once in a while (if not always!) we just get the urge to know how they are doing and getting on with their lives. Sending emails is just not enough ... or even chatting through messengers. That's where cheap phone card get in the picture! Having one around is quite handy, really quite convenient, specially during cases where you need to call long distance RIGHT AWAY.

Pingo long distance card can be used for long distance calls in 35 countries, can be recharged automatically, and utilizes PINless dialing (PINpass™ is used instead); one great thing is that when you refer-a-friend, you get $5.00 USD in free calls! Now isn't that great?

Another fabulous feature that I found on their site is their Ratewatcher™ button. This definitely eliminates the hassle of comparing calling cards, then looking for the ones with the lowest rates. So convenient! All this in one great site where you not only come away feeling good, but also have this feeling that pretty soon you'll be calling your best friend or family (who's moved far far away), more often!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on right over to the site and check them out!

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